Toker 9 Cubic Foot Gas Concrete Mixer (Towable)

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  • 30% faster mix
  • Less splash – reduces cleanup and increases capacity.
  • No contact with the drum – reduces drum wear.
  • No rubber blades – reduces maintenance.
  • Perfect fort color additives and dry mixes.
  • Small rocks can be added into the mix

Bolt in Spiral Blade dimensions:
Thickness: ¼” in
Width: 3 5/16” in


  • Mixes larger & heavier loads — ideal for high production requirements and lower slump mixes.
  • Hydraulic dump system — allows high production with minimal operator fatigue.
  • Greatly reduced maintenance — no mechanical gears or clutches.
  • Built-in hydraulic safety relief system — immediately disengages itself in case an object becomes wedged in the drum. Automatically resets when problem is corrected.